Five people facing a tall building, with 'Wizarding Times Jan 2021' in the bottom right corner

Sirius Musings

By Sirius Fudge

Greetings, reader!

The second edition of the Wizarding Times revolves around the theme solitude and reflection. The past year has given us several difficulties and challenges. But with these challenges are opportunities to prove ourselves and avenue for lessons which life offers. We may find ourselves alone in some difficult situations but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some things are meant to be faced alone. It is in a sense of helplessness that we get to appreciate other people, the ones we have now, and the ones we hope to meet in the future. A shift in perspective is a good lesson at these times of solitude. An important process especially when we find ourselves in solitude is reflection. Through reflection, we get to see things in a new light, have joy in loneliness, and discover the light in the darkness.

With the celebration of the new year is a message of hope, parallel to the message of solitude and reflection found in the pages of this edition. Despite the challenges and difficulties, the strong bond and camaraderie in HOL is witnessed in the several activities throughout the year. House updates are present as always in the following pages. The Huffle HOLidays Party is a testament of the merry and cheerful celebration of the holidays in the school. Diamond and other rankings only show the untiring efforts of everyone in doing different HOL activities. Lastly, the many other articles, games, puzzles, and images in this publication only prove the undying dedication and unwavering loyalty of everyone. I could only applaud the people behind the submissions as well as the people behind the success of HOL.

With that, we hope you enjoy this magazine. You deserve it. Happy reading!