An illustration of a cat looking at a sign that says 'Privet Drive.' Overlaid in the right-hand corner is a white box that says, in purple writing, 'Wizarding Times Nov 2020

Sirius Musings

By Sirius Fudge

Welcome, reader, to the Wizarding Times! One word I would describe this newspaper is "warmth". I still remember the warm and joyful feeling I felt after reading my first copy of the magazine in my first year at HOL. The Septober 2011 edition left that impression on me. And I remember I would look forward to reading every publication that followed. Fast forward to the present, this similar feeling of warmth and happiness is what the staff aims to instill in everyone.

In revamping the WT, the team aimed for a balance between tradition and the future as well as identity and reaching out to the community. Segments such as the HOL house updates and columns like My Jedi Journal by Tarma Black made a comeback. In addition, inspirations from past titles such as Ceit Uiseag's Weird Wizarding Dilemmas in the WT November 2003 edition and Hermionie Miranda's Quotation Notation in the WT October 2012 issue were able to grace the pages again. Also, still featured in the WT Challenges are mostly the same set of tasks from previous WT issues headed by Prof. Rorey Padfoot.

Accompanying the familiar are the new and fresh changes in the WT. The staff decided to centralize all Puzzle Corner submissions to WT's Bucky Badger. Participate in answering the puzzles and, aside from beans you will earn, you might also see your name in the published rankings in the next issue. A new section called HOL Show of Hands provides an avenue for HOLers to make their stand known on certain topics. Make sure to participate and let your voice be heard. Of course, new and fresh articles from old and new faces will surely entertain everyone.

For this issue, we would also like to pay tribute to Polaris Black. She was an active visitor in the Sett, earning diamonds and Hufflepuff awards. You will forever be missed, Polaris.

With the theme "Beginnings, Memories, and Growing Up", we hope that this magazine provide you even the smallest bit of warmth and happiness wherever you are. Happy reading!