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HOL Show of Hands

By Sirius Fudge

In the past issue of the Wizarding Times, the HOL populace was asked the following question: "Which Deathly Hallow would you choose?" The newspaper gathered 16 responses from different houses. The answers showed an evident preference to one hallow, the invisibility cloak. More than half (62.5%) chose the cloak of invisibility as their preferred Deathly Hallow. Coming in second place is the resurrection stone, which garnered 25.0% of the votes. In last place, the elder wand was chosen by only 12.5% of those who answered the survey.

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, a Hufflepuff professor, voted for the elder wand. She stated that the elder wand would give her "an advantage of defense", and that she could also use it for the 'good' stuff such as helping the garden to grow and healing wounds. Mia Fountain, a second year Ravenclaw prefect, on the other hand, chose the resurrection stone so she could speak to her loved ones who have passed away. She recognized the challenge and difficulty of letting them go afterwards. Samanta Grey, an eagle ickle, added another chance with her loved ones, people, and pets, making her also vote for the stone.

The invisibility cloak's perks attracted the most votes, including Prof. Felicia Hartwick, the Hufflepuff Head of House. She thought the cloak could aid her in her sneaking, err, food, err, shopping, err, studying adventures. Prof. Will Lestrange, a Slytherin professor, looked at history in choosing the cloak, saying that "people have done much better with the cloak". Harry Walles, a badger ickle, also voted for the cloak so he could secretly see his gift for Christmas, among other perks. Rose Pottermore, a first year from Gryffindor, thought that she could go anywhere without anyone finding out about it. Louis Walles, a Slytherin first year, chose the cloak so he could have a say in terms of when to die, also protecting his family in the process. Albus Togglebog, a badger ickle, liked the idea of being able to go anywhere unnoticed and hide himself and other things with him using the cloak.

For the next issue of the Wizarding Times, we will get to know what HOL think of the following question: Which of the seven Harry Potter books is your favorite? Show your hands by clicking HERE.