Five people facing a tall building, with 'Wizarding Times Jan 2021' in the bottom right corner

Above the Clouds: Ravenclaw Report

By Mia Fountain, Ravenclaw

Last November, we had our annual Blue vs. Bronze Olympics titled Our Days are Novembered. Fun was had all around, but the Bronze nest came out the winners of this year's BBO.

During December, we had our Winter in the Sand activity. After dealing with the Sinister Order of Snowmen last year, we needed a break from the terrifying animated Snowmen. We decided to take a break from the festivities (and the cold weather) and head South for Winter.

We also published our December edition of the Alte, with the theme "Reset".

In January, we return to our homes in the Northern Hemisphere, only to find out there is a massive blizzard coming. So we will have to make sure we have everything we need to survive the blizzard, such as food, warm clothing, among others.

It is nearing the end of term. Don't forget to get those last minute assignments in! It is almost time to decide what classes you want to take next term!