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Sirius Perspectives

By Pezzie Wolfe

October, 1975

That Snape, I swear I'll get him if he comes near me again. I can't possibly understand what is it that Lily seems bent on defending that git. He's going to end up an evil... I'd rather not say here. Mark my words. He'll be part of some evil gang of gits. I'll bring him down with the help of Prongsy so Lily can fall in love with him as he wants. Full moon is in a few days; this one seems to be getting to Moony pretty bad. We've got a surprise for him this time. He'll have company this time. Hopefully that Wormtail will get it right. He better not have told anyone. I saw him with my brother near the dungeons. Why he wasn't put in Slytherin is beyond me. Speaking of which, I got another from Number 12, saying what a disappointment I have been to not be a Slytherin. Just thinking of going back there again come the holidays makes my back crawl. I am glad I've been invited to the Potters this holiday. Prongs keeps saying his parents are going to take me in, I'd love that. I feel so welcomed and at home at the Potters.

Well, I best be off to find Prongs, we've got a prank in the works to scare Wormtail tonight. He seems so scared around snakes that we found one, completely harmless and we're putting in his bag before he leaves the Great Hall. Oh I wish I had a camera to catch his reaction.