Letting Go

By Hermionie Miranda

I decided to say goodbye
When things weren't looking right
You wandered out of sight
But you never left my mind

You faced troubles in another dimension
Everything that happened, you forgot to mention
I realized that I lost my place in your life
And so I went and I said goodbye

You don't see me retreating
You don't notice me leaving
I know I said I'd always be here
Right by your side

But I didn't know that you
Had new worlds calling your name
I can't follow you forever
There has to be an end to this game

Oh, I feel so out of it, uninformed
Was I ever even gone? What is this change for?
You moved on and yet you try to hold on
There's no point in trying when you're already gone

And you say nothing has changed
But I see it in your eyes, it shines
The spirit of being somewhere else
To you, our world's just a cruel realm

I'm sorry I can't be a help
But everything's spinning so fast
I feel you being torn from me
I feel you loosening your grasp

I can't say I won't miss you as
That would be such a lie
I hope that wherever you go
You have a better life