Letter Cubes

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Each of these cubes has a word related to the world of Harry Potter. To find the word, you start with any letter and move from letter to letter. You move to any adjacent letter by going up or down or across or diagonally. You may use the same letter twice but not in consecutive moves — you must move to another letter before returning to the first one — and you might not need all of the letters in the cube to make your word or words.

To the right is an example so you can see how to do it. In this example, start on the R on the bottom row, and follow the lines to the N in the top right to spell "Remus Lupin."

Solve these Letter Cubes — and find the missing word amongst the unused letters. Send the answer to the Wizarding Times via the Contact page by December 15, 2013, to earn 5 beans per solved cube and an additional 5 beans for unscrambling the unused letters.