Huffleween 2013

By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

What do cooking, ghosts, mazes, fallen letters, graphics, monster hunting, botting, coloring pages, sudokus, wordsearches, poetry, pumpkin differences, scrambled letters, jigsaws and costumes all have in common?


Last month, the Sett celebrated Huffleween with all kinds of activities — those listed above and more. Thirteen days of spooky wonders were filled with all kinds of challenges and opportunities to earn Citrines. Since it is a Hufflepuff thing, no non-Badgers took part. Sorry!

Badgers hosting these events were Violeta Lost, Prof. Cosmo B. Mott, Eve Roarke, Sirius Fudge, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, Hermionie Miranda, and Prof. Rorey Padfoot. Prof. Rorey Padfoot and Eve Roarke planned it, and Rorey used her pokey stick to remind folks when they needed to get their activities up.

Activities started on October 19th; here are the scheduled events:

Did you see Badgers on IRC with strange, monsterish names? We had Monster Botting, and those eligible for Citrines were GiantSirius, MarcieBanshee, RomyGhost (also known as RomyVampire), TarmaPygmyPuff, and AskyGrindylow.

The most popular activities, the ones that had the most people participating, were Eve's Fallen Letters and Scrambled Letters, Sirius's Monster Hunt, and Hermionie's Poetry Contest.

That was a fun and intense two weeks. Now we have a bit of a breather, and then we start on our Huffle Holidays. \o/