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Updates from the Huffle Hallways

By Sirius Fudge

In wanting to give the best activities to Hufflepuffs and HOLers alike, the Huffle Staff work tirelessly in the Huffle Hallway offices or in the Room of Requirement in bringing to light the following activities since last summer:

From the Highlands to Forks

Last July, the activity was about Robert Pattison and his two roles — as Cedric Diggory as well as his role as Edward Cullen. There were trivia questions, discussions, puzzles, and tasks surrounding the theme. In the last week, an interesting bonus discussion on which role was better portrayed by Robert took place. Twenty HOLers enjoyed the activity while eight received the activity award. A fitting end to the activity was Carrie Warts asking, "Can we do this again in the future?"

Wonders of the World

This ongoing activity started with the idea of appreciating "all things bright and beautiful" especially in these challenging times. It started with our personal 'wonders of the world' in September, proceeded to plants of wonder in October, and is currently admiring volcanoes this month. We invite you to join us in doing puzzles, tasks, and discussions in future Wonders of the World activities.

Huffleween 2020

The annual Hufflepuff event celebrating the 13 days of Huffleween took on the theme Halloween movies. The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown were among the movies featured in the activity. Each movie has three days' worth of tasks for everyone to solve. Diamonds were earned by 14 HOLers in the activity. See you again in next year's Huffleween!

Fireside Games: Category Game

A new game was played in the Fireside in the month of October. Seven rounds of the category game were played mainly by Head of House Prof. Felicia Hartwick, Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, and Prof. Tarma Amelia Black. Mia Fountain and February Fortescue also took part in the games. The most intense game was with the category "Six-letter last names mentioned in the seven Harry Potter books". The game lasted around one week with 34 answers, with Prof. Black winning the game with "Zograf". Prof. Leslie-Lewis was hailed as the category game master, having a three-win streak in the games. Join us as the Fireside Games continue this month with Boggle, a muggle word game.

More Sett activities take place in the Games Tent (aka DoHGaS) and Creative Club, for everyone's enjoyment. Badgers are also able to visit the Huffle Kitchen, Badger Library, and the Dorms. As Prof. Black said, "Welcome to the Sett! Pull up a beanbag and enjoy the fire."