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Activity Report: Huffle HOLidays Party

By Sirius Fudge

The annual Hufflepuff HOLiday event in the Sleigh Ride venue was a successful one thanks to the Hufflepuff house-elf, Wilbur, and a company of HOLers, badgers and non-badgers alike. Eighteen (18) HOLers responded to Wilbur's call for help in organizing the event. And they did an awesome job of it! From the decors to the gifts, Wilbur was tearfully happy in the event, his eyes filled with joy and excitement.

One month worth of preparation led to the invitation of eight special guests, namely: Oliver Wood, Viktor Krum, Charlie Weasley, Filius Flitwick, Sibyl Trelawney, Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, and Narcissa Malfoy. The staff were all giddy and in awe throughout the night, talking and dancing with the guests.

The Sleigh Ride venue turned out as awesome as the guests. From the snow falling from the ceiling to the enchanted old world Santa figurines, the place was as wonderful as Wilbur hoped it will be. There were hooting golden owls, baskets filled with holiday books, and fake chimneys with dragons sliding down them. The planning team did a great job in making the place as beautiful as it can be.

When it comes to food in the party, it was topnotch. Appetizers included tacos, pizza, and butterbeer popcorn while the main course dishes are composed of lobster tails with melted butter, Cornish hens with cranberry-apple rice stuffing, and turkey. The desserts and drinks had the most variety and amount, resulting to the intense energy of everyone in the party dance floor.

Several gifts were displayed under the Christmas tree at the center of the venue. These were given to the attendees, given to them by other HOLers. The gifts varied from the luxury eagle feather quill and 100 diamonds to a Firebolt and a pair of spectrespecs. All the participants enjoyed their HOLiday gifts received as well as given to others.

Wilbur and the house of Huffle staff would like to thank the following for being a part of the Huffle HOLidays Party organizing team:

See you at the next Sleigh Ride event!