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Updates from the Huffle Hallways

By Sirius Fudge

The two months of November and December were busy ones for the Hufflepuff house. Different activities ran throughout the two months, gathering badgers and non-badgers alike together as they enjoy the activities listed below.

Wonders of the World

The activity titled "Wonders of the World" celebrating all the good things beautiful in the world continued in November and December. In November, the fiery wonders of volcanoes were explored. Different types of puzzles were solved by the participants, appreciating these explosive wonders in the process. The attention shifted to birds in December. Participants got to know some species of birds as they did puzzles, a coloring page, and discussion activities.

Fireside Games

The Fireside Games continued in November with the game "Boggle". Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis of Slytherin was crowned the Boggle Master as she won the first and the last games, two of the four games played. The other winners were Prof. Felicia Hartwick, the Hufflepuff Head of House and February Fortescue, again from Slytherin. It seemed that professors and neighboring Slytherins enjoyed the most in these games by the Fireside in the evening.

In December, guessing games were held. The four games were won by different individuals, namely: Prof. Will Lestrange of Slytherin, Scarlett Drake, an ickle badger, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff, and February Fortescue, also of Slytherin. Taking into consideration the rankings throughout the four games, the following earned the top three spots, respectively: Prof. Will Lestrange, Rose Pottermore, an ickle from Gryffindor, and Prof. Tarma Amelia Black. More fireside games in the future await. See you by the Sett fireside at weeknights.

Together in Thankfulness

The month of November was celebrated as the month where we look back, reflect, and be thankful of the many things in life. Sixteen HOLers participated in the activity. They got to solve puzzle tasks, answer trivia, and participate in discussions regarding to being thankful to everything. More specifically, they got to cover the topics of people, places, and things to be thankful for. These avenues provided opportunity for the participants to reflect on themselves, the people surrounding them, the places they treasure, and the things they cannot live without. As a result, they got to know themselves a bit more and learned to appreciate everything they have and some things they do not have. As February Fortescue stated, "Thank you so much! Hufflepuff, the staff and activities like this always top my list of things I'm most grateful for!"

Other Huff Activities

Sleigh Ride 2020 ended the year with a Huffle HOLidays Party! Other usual activities in the Sett enjoyed by everyone are the DoHGaS tasks and puzzles and the activities in the Badger Library and Huffle Kitchen. We invite everyone to join us in the fun and camaraderie in the Sett! Until next time!