Interview with First Year Badgers

By Violeta Lost

Hello, people of HOL!

The time for new students at HOL has come again, and Hufflepuff earned some beautiful badgers! I interviewed some of the first year students, and below are their answers. We welcome three lovely ladies and a not-so-newbie-but-first-year boy! Thank you for your honest answers, and now you get to be published in the first issue of the Wizarding Times for the new school year!

Question #1: Did you expect to get sorted into Hufflepuff? Why/Why not?

Lamia Brickley: I didn't expect to get sorted into Hufflepuff, but I'm not surprised either. I like helping friends and prefer having some really good friends than having a lot of shallow friendships. However, I'm not always the hard-working kind of person. Here in Hogwarts I like doing homework and also a lot of work, but in real life I'm a bit lazy. As for school stuff I didn't need to learn a lot to have good marks, so I also thought I may be sorted into Ravenclaw. As I said, I'm not surpised to be in Hufflepuff, and I must say I love it :-)
Meredith Malkins: No, I never thought I'd be even considered to be in Hufflepuff! I'm quite a passive person who thinks things through before doing (which ruled out Griffindor), and I don't believe in lying or deceit for my own gain (not Slytherin then). Everyone I knew said I'd certainly be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but most of my family said I'd be Ravenclaw for sure. In fact Pottermore sorted me there. So while I was surprised, it wasn't a disappointment. Hufflepuffs are much more accepting than the other three on average.
Patricia Cleary: I did, even though I'd seen a friend of mine get a bit surprised by where she was sorted when she applied here. That's because I'm such a strong Hufflepuff that I just doubted I could logically fit in anywhere else at all. And hey, my hunch was proven right!
Ian Carson: I expected to get sorted into Hufflepuff because I have always been an inclusive person. I am also a little goofy sometimes, but it am definitely hardworking.

Question #2: How was the welcome from older students?

Lamia Brickley: The welcome was friendly. As I posted in our dorms I was welcomed right away. I've got friend requests right away. The questions I had were answered directly, and there is always someone there.
Meredith Malkins: The welcome was EXCELLENT!!! I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of friendliness and helpfulness.
Patricia Cleary: Very good, actually. Professor Tarma got in touch with me pretty much the same day as I joined the forums. Other older students have also reached out.
Ian Carson: I hate to dampen the mood, but I didn't really get a big welcome from them.

Question #3: What was the first thing you did after your signup?

Lamia Brickley: *thinks* I looked through the forums and read a bit through posts and wondered that there were only so few forum areas. Until I noticed that I had to be validated first and after that I saw more ^^ I introduced myself in several threads.
Meredith Malkins: I signed up for the Sett, doubled back for my password and started exploring!
Patricia Cleary: I made sure to sign up for the HOL forum and the Sett.
Ian Carson: I added the coolest classes I could find along with adding my friend who signed up with me.

Question #4: What is your favourite thing in HOL until now?

Lamia Brickley: I can't decide. I like the lessons and activities you can do here. I like the Sett with its cozy atmosphere. I like writing and painting in the library and Art Department....
Meredith Malkins: Ooooh, I have to choose one? Probably the classes, they're so good, though I'd like a bigger range. No, the people, they're helpful and sort out everything. Yep, I'll go for the people. HOL wouldn't exist if not for people, and this is big since I'm a loner who couldn't care less about people!
Patricia Cleary: CLASSES! The system is so unique and intriguing.
Ian Carson: Definitely the library because of all the contests and book writing projects.

Question #5: What are your expectations of this first year? What are your plans?

Lamia Brickley: I want to get to know new people and maybe write PMs regularly with them. And I plan to get through with the lessons I take and hope I'll make it with all my real life stuff to do....
Meredith Malkins: I want to live up to being a Hufflepuff by being the best I can be at everything and anything. So I want to do the best I can in classes (I expect to get myself into top five rankings at least), I want to participate in everything I can to the best of my (and my resources'!) ability, and I want to see if I can't secure myself a nice little award. I want to prove to everyone and to myself that I can balance the MOST STRESSFUL parts of my real life that I struggle with, with a virtual school and its responsibility. And I want to prove that I really can do whatever I set my mind to.
Patricia Cleary: I am not sure what to expect, but I do plan to do whatever I can to ensure Hufflepuff's success.
Ian Carson: I plan to pass all the classes that I sign up for. I have a class in the works that I might be student teaching next term. If I like it, then after I graduate I may become a professor.