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Weird Wizarding Dilemmas

By Kat Silver

Baubled Betrothed: Help! Every year, my fiance and I get into an argument over this, and I really need your advice. When we decorate our Christmas tree and put up outside lights, we have a huge argument over whether or not to use multicolored lights or if we should use clear, white lights. I prefer multicolored. They are so beautiful and remind me of stained glass, especially when they reflect off the snow. He prefers white lights, because they remind him of the snow, but they just hurt my eyes. What do you think?
WT: I think that maybe y'all could come to a compromise and alternate which lights are up on your house and on your tree every year. If you have the multicolored lights on your tree, have the clear ones on your house. I personally love multicolored lights on a tree, they seem so happy and festive. Present this option to your fiance and let me know what he says! Hopefully, he'll agree to this.

Undecided Mother: My husband and I can't decide on a name for our soon-to-be-born daughter! I'm due to have a baby girl in 3 weeks, and can't decide between two baby names. I prefer the name Wren, but he says all she'll hear growing up is "Tweet Tweet!" while he has his heart set on Fenella. I keep telling him that name will never work, because it rhymes with Vanilla and she'll never hear the end of it! We briefly considered Fenwren and Wrenella, but neither of us likes those names. There's just no compromising. Help!
WT: I had this same issue with my second son. I so desperately wanted a girl and already had the name Averi picked out and everything! Then we found out he was a boy and I thought "Well, great! Now I have to think of ANOTHER boy name!" (as if the first wasn't hard enough). My fiance insisted on keeping the name, but changing the spelling to Avery. I didn't like that idea at all! I wanted to name him Liam, I always loved that name and of course he said no every time. So what we did was chose both names; his name is Liam Avery and I love it. I like both names you have picked out a lot and I've never met anyone named Fenella, it's so unique! And I think Fenella Wren sounds super cute! I hope this helps and that you can come to an agreement!

If you need any advice or have any dilemmas, don't be afraid to write. They are 100% confidential!