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Weird Wizarding Dilemmas

By Kat Silver

Anonymous: My quill keeps leaking ink and I suspect that the girl sitting next to me is making it happen. I really like her and don't want to get her in trouble, but it's messing up my parchments! What do I do?
WT: I would first suggest talking with her. Try to find out if it is actually her and if so, why she is doing it and ask her nicely to stop. If she continues to tamper with your quill, I would reach out to your professor.

Anonymous: We have flying lessons later this week. I am afraid of heights. How do I get over that?
WT: It's understandable to have a fear of flying. I would suggest speaking with your professor to see if they have any ideas of ways to help you overcome it. You could also possibly start by only going up a little at the time, only going higher once you are comfortable to do so.

Anonymous: Every time I use the 'wingardium leviosa' charm, my wand flies out of my hand. How do I fix this?
WT: Start by making sure you are holding your wand with a good grip. Then, make sure you are pronouncing and emphasizing the spell correctly. Say it with confidence and speak clearly. Lastly, make sure you are using the right motions when performing the spell. If all else fails, ask for help from another student who can cast the spell.

Anonymous: My dog keeps eating alihotsy leaves whenever he can get them. How do I keep him from barking afterwards?
WT: Alihotsy leaves, when eaten, can cause hysteria, which I'm pretty sure is why your dog continuously barks. You can cure this hysteria by giving him a melancholy-inducing syrup produced by the Glumbumble.

Anonymous: The first years are running into the Great Hall all the time and bumping into people. Why don't the Prefects do something?
WT: If you are having issues with other students, I always suggest talking to them first to see if they will stop. If that doesn't work and you are sure the prefects know about it and aren't doing anything, talk to one of your heads of house and I am sure they will handle it.

If you would like any advice, feel free to write to the Wizarding Times and get your advice answered in the next issue. All submissions are 100% anonymous.