Five people facing a tall building, with 'Wizarding Times Jan 2021' in the bottom right corner

As Time Goes On... Reflections of Darkness

By Tarma Black

This issue of the Wizarding Times reflects on events of recent wizarding history. In search of news, our intrepid reporter and her cameraman used a time-turner to visit London in the 5th year of Harry Potter's attendance at Hogwarts.

"This is the Wizarding Times, reporting live from Grimmauld Place, Islington, London. I am speaking with someone ['Get a closeup of his face when I say his name, okay?' sotto voce to cameraman] who just happened to be walking by this particular address of 10 Grimmauld Place as we were arriving to discuss the strange appearances of people who seem to vanish into thin air at this location. Mr. Travers, what are your..."

The camera has zoomed onto the face of the wizard, as instructed, and so caught the look of outrage, superiority, and defiance on his face. Keeping focus on Travers, the camera pulled out to show him roughly shoving the reporter to the ground and pulling out his wand, but looking at all the people of the news team, he decided to make a run for it.

"Quick!! Catch him!" the reporter yelled as she rolled frantically on the ground, attempting to escape any curse from him. Sadly, though, the man escaped and he cast one last spell back at the small group, unfortunately hitting the camera and causing it to explode in a mass of sparks. The reporter stood up, ignoring her messy hair and torn clothing, again holding her mic in a competent and professional manner. "Is the second camera okay?" Receiving a 'yes' answer, she brightened and resumed speaking, looking into the lens of their backup camera.

"The man who just ran away is Mr. Travers, a wizard who was, for a while, an inmate of Azkaban prison, according to the latest on-dits. A group of people, the same people again and again, apparently shows up at this location and then vanish. When the Wizarding Times heard of this rumour, we decided to see who was showing up here — and vanishing. While, oddly enough, none of the people named were here, this reporter recognized Mr. Travers, suspected to be one of the followers of You-Know-Who, lurking about in a doorway on the other side of the street, and then walking out pretending to be a local person. I attempted an interview with him, but he declined to participate.

"This is Tarma Black of the Wizarding Times, reporting live from the past at Grimmauld Place, Islington, London."