An illustration of a cat looking at a sign that says 'Privet Drive.' Overlaid in the right-hand corner is a white box that says, in purple writing, 'Wizarding Times Nov 2020

Puzzle 2: Anagrams - Privet Drive

By Bucky Badger

Throughout the Harry Potter books, many people showed up at or close to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. It was a constant place of contact for all kinds of people. The names of some of them are shown below, albeit put into anagram form. Solve the anagrams and send your solutions to Bucky Badger at Wizarding Times ( with the subject "WT November 2020 - Puzzle 2 - Anagram". You will get 2 beans for each correct solution, for a possible total of 30 beans. Be sure to include your HOL name and house in the email!

1. Gaudier Shrub
2. Terra Trophy
3. Delude Us Dryly
4. Ruddy Dull Eyes
5. Roundly Nerves
6. Hes Truly Aware
7. Eagerly We Goes
8. Wee Fry Deals
9. Nearly Woes
10. Caroled Rueful
11. Sail Yew Bell
12. Stood Mayoral
13. Fair Gage Ball
14. Mirage Greenhorn
15. Sir Nu Plume