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Creative September - Hufflepuff signature, until the end of September

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==originally posted by Violeta Lost===


Hello Graphic friends!


This is the second activity for September! All you need to do is make a signature showing your Hufflepuff spirit around HOL. The size must be 250x100. The signature can contain pretty much anything you like regarding Hufflepuff.


You will upload your graphic in an image hosting site, like photobucket or tinypic, and then you will post it here in this thread. Write down if you don't mind people using it at HOL or not.


You will earn 20 citrines and 2 Graphic Points for this one. You have until the end of September.


Have fun!


P.S. You can check about Graphic Points in the Welcoming thread: HERE!

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===originally posted by Lamia Brickley===




This is my signature for this contest :-) Feel free to customize it with your own name, such a template can be found here and here.


I've actually a question concerning signatures.. In the handbook I found as a rule, that only second years are allowed to have avatars, does this apply to sigs as well?

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===originally posted by Violeta Lost===


Lamia, regarding your question: You can have an avatar and signature, but they have to be the appropriate sizes and uploaded to an image hosting site (it's a better thing), NOT in the HOL forum directly. The best way to have an avatar and a signature is to order them from Sparkleissa Ink (click here). It's HOL's graphic designers, but you have to "pay" with beans! :) Of course, you can make your own, as we badgers are creative!


Nice signature there ;)

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