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Wonder of Ireland - Week 4 - Jigsaw

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Another famous story from Ireland is the Blarney Stone, in which the Lord of Blarney was going to speak with Queen Elizabeth I, who was planning to take not only his but other lords' lands. He was extremely nervous about the meeting. An old woman, whom he helped, told him to kiss the first stone he saw in the morning. He did so, and when he met with the Queen, he talked to her with so much flattery, that she left without even attempting to take the lands.


Solve the puzzle below to see the famous Castle (the stone you need is at the very top!). 


Once you've solved it, either post the image below or a link to your image, and you'll be able to earn 20 diamonds for your effort! Make sure to follow image posting rules (600x600 max size) and make sure the amount of pieces are visible in your image as well. (99 pieces)


You have until February 28th, at 11:59 pm HOL time to submit your post.

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Due to the mishap with the puzzle link, we are extending the deadline for this one to March 3rd, 11:59 pm HOL time. Thank you guys for participating, and scores and such will be tallied up by the 5th!

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