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Wonder of Ireland - Week 3 - Crossword Puzzle

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As I mentioned briefly in the discussion, there's alot of artists and groups that hail from Ireland. Some focus on Irish traditional music, others broke barriers in other genres, and some toed the line of both. Please send a link to your solved puzzle to me in PM (titled "Week 3 - Cross Word) by February 28th, 11:59 HOL time for you to earn 20 diamonds. 


Link to puzzle here, it was a touch big to post here in full. 

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As by the time I was aware of this, pretty much everyone had seen the responses, I will award diamonds to those who did it and anyone who didn't do it but also let me know. (Apologies, I had some real-life things and it was very hard for me to come and check on things as often as I needed to and I hurried to get things posted.)


Diamonds go to...

Anne-Marie Gagne

Harry Walles

Louis Walles

Emily Spencer

Rory Devaney

Lex Green

Prof. Felicia Hartwick

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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