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Diamond Totals for Christmas Time Is Here

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Thank you all for participating with Tarma and me as we launched our Christmas Time is Here! activity.  :)


We hope you enjoyed the activities and had a fun time with us. We hope your holidays were wonderful and many memories were made.




Many people from all the Houses of HOL Hogwarts participated, earning lots and lots of Diamonds :diamond:  :diamond:  :diamond:


Check out the final Diamond count ... and remember, keep an eye out for future events where you too might earn some Diamonds and a lovely shiny(?) award.


Totals of People Participating and Diamonds Earned


Adeline Morior - 265
Amy Smith - 35

Anne-Marie Gagne - 560
Aurelia West - 100

Dominick Salinas - 535
February Fortescue - 15

Harry Walles - 585
Jamie Gagne - 30

Kendra Givens - 135

Lex Green - 395

Louis Walles - 585
Maeve Madden - 335
Marianna Bowers - 65

Mia Fountain - 260

Professor Felicia Hartwick - 395

Professor Tarma Amelia Black - 360
Professor Will Lestrange - 570
Silvana Mandeville - 35


Note: If you did not receive the Diamonds you think you earned, please let Tarma or me know via Sett PM, and we'll check into it!


We have an Award for those who did half or more of the activities offered.  Those who earned the award are:


Adeline Morior
Anne-Marie Gagne
Dominick Salinas
Harry Walles
Lex Green
Louis Walles
Maeve Madden
Prof. Felicia Hartwick
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Prof. Will Lestrange


all will receive   The Chuck Brown Award       December-2022-Sleigh-Ride-award-1-40x40.


Again, thank you all very much. We enjoyed ourselves.  


Tarma & Fels

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