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Wonders of Family - Week 4 - Families 2048

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And so we return to Harry Potter and families. There are all kinds of family units within the Harry Potter stories. What about the Dursleys .... or the Gaunt family. Then there are the Weasleys, who many consider to be rather nifty!


You may go for the Diamonds with either 2048 game.


Try this Malfoy Family 2048?


The Malfoy Family


We can leave the HP universe for a bit and go exploring ....    What about the Batman Family?


Batman Family


(I'm sorry to say that some pictures end up not going to a new one :( .But the ones which show up are pretty nifty!)


As always - you start earning Diamonds when the number in the picture (not the SCORE in the upper left hand corner) reads 256.

If you get to 256 (#8) - that is 20 Diamonds 
If you get to 512 (#9) - that is 25 Diamonds
If you get to 1024 (#10) - that is 30 Diamonds
If you get to 2048 (#11) - that is 35 Diamonds


Send me a screencap of your game via Sett PM (titled Wonders - Family - 2048) by the end of June to earn your DiamondsPlease remember to tell me in your PM your 'high' score (the highest number in the picture, not the score above the picture off to the side). Sometimes that 'win' (or 'game over') thing covers up the highest score.


If you continue to play and get a higher score, send it in, and I'll update the post to show your new score.




If these are set up to do a double 2048 (4096), like what was done in the December HOLLERS 2048, there is a bonus of 30 Diamonds.    REMEMBER -- TAKE A SCREEN CAP of the two 2048s next to each other before you merge them. Take a screen cap of the 4096 too, but sometimes the win thing gets covered up by advertisements.

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Aura Nightmoon got a #10 - 1024 - with the Malfoy family


Who is next?


Silvana Mandeville got a #10 - 1024 - with the Malfoyo family


Followed by ...


Louis Walles with a #10 - 1024 - with Batman

Harry Walles with a #10 - 1024 - with Batman

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
adding Louis and Harry - Tarma
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