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FB3 - Week 4 - 2048

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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore doesn't seem to focus on the 'beasts' so much, nothing like the first two movies did. But we still have new creatures showing up! There's the Qilin and Blast-Ended Skrewts which seem new to me!



 Graphic shows a picture of the Qilin from the FB3 movie.


In the meantime, we can celebrate the Fantastic Beasts to whom we've already been introduced with this 2048.


Fantastic Beasts 2048


Remember - you start earning Diamonds when the number in the picture (not the SCORE in the upper left hand corner) reads 256.

If you get to 256 (#8) - that is 20 Diamonds  (and counts for partial Challenge Master Diamonds)
If you get to 512 (#9) - that is 25 Diamonds
If you get to 1024 (#10) - that is 30 Diamonds (and counts for full Challenge Master Diamonds)
If you get to 2048 (#11) - that is 35 Diamonds


By the way, you earn a bonus of 3 Diamonds if you send your score to me within a week of me posting this!


Send me a screencap of your game via Sett PM (titled FB3 - 2048) by May 14th, 11:59 PM HOL time to earn your Diamonds.   Please tell me in your PM your 'high' score (the highest number in the picture, not the score above the picture off to the side). Sometimes that 'win' (or 'game over') thing covers up the highest score.


Note: If you continue to play and get a higher score, send it in, and I'll update the post to show your new score.

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First to turn in the 2048 is...


Professor Will Lestrange with a 1024


Right on his heels is..


Louis Walles also with a 1024


Followed by:


Harry Walles with 1024

Astor Arensin with 512

Elena Galatas with a 2048

Skylar Peyton with a 256

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