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Wonders of Easter - Week 4 - Spring Symbolism

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What I love most about any holiday are decorations. All of them are so amazing and for Easter, most decorations are truly adorable! Most of us probably buy Easter decorations but there are so many you can make yourself!


For this creative task I want you to share one Easter decoration. It can be something you bought or made. Alternatively, you can post any other spring symbolism or element that you can find!


Post your photo before 30th April, 11:59 HOL time. This task is worth 25 diamonds. Keep your photo 600x600 or smaller please!

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I don't do Easter anymore ... well, I haven't done Easter for years, so I didn't make any Easter decorations, or buy any either, this year. :(


However! I did notice some blossoms on the cherry tree towards the top of the dead-end road upon which I live.  This is the tree who gave me the ripe cherries last year when I first moved here!  The blossoms are so fragile in appearance yet so gorgeously and vibrantly alive.




Picture not mine, but the tree does have white blossoms very similar in appearance to these.






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  • Harry Walles changed the title to Wonders of Easter - Week 4 - Spring Symbolism

The thing that comes to my mind when it comes to Easter is spring and so therefore the most important symbolism for Easter and spring is a daffodil! It was my mum's favourite flower and so when Easter was approaching our house was covered in them!



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