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Farewell to O' Tannenbaum

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Fels and I thank you all for joining us in the Sett activity,  O' Tannenbaum.


We both love this wonderful time of year and we wanted to celebrate it with everyone of HOL Hogwarts. 


Lots of Diamonds were earned. Following are the names of all who participated and the Diamonds which were earned in both the Trivia and in the Forum activities.

Aurelia West - 303

Cole Thronheart - 301

Daria Summers - 115

Elena Galatas - 181

Emily Spencer - 149

Harry Walles - 361

Kendra Givens - 139

Lorainia Riverrider - 244

Louis Walles - 361

Professor Felicia Hartwick - (Fels and I shared Diamonds) - 219

Professor Tarma Amelia Black - (Fels and I shared Diamonds) - 219

Professor Will Lestrange - 349

Silvana Mandeville - 50


In addition to Diamonds handed out, these people participated in at least half of the Trivia and in half of the Forum activities.

They earned the O' Tannenbaum award  December-2021-Sleigh-Ride-Award-2-40x40-

Aurelia West

Cole Thronheart

Harry Walles

Lorainia Riverrider

Louis Walles

Professor Felicia Hartwick (as well as doing forum activities, participated by creating and asking the trivia questions)

Professor Tarma Amelia Black

Professor Will Lestrange


Again, thank you all for participating. It was great fun.   ^_^

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