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Hufflepuff Common Room

Week 4 - Letter Tiles

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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This puzzle contains a quote from a classic movie, one that many people love and regard as 'the' Christmas movie.





Click for direct link to smaller puzzle.


Click for larger graphic


Solve this Letter Tiles puzzle and send the solution to me by the end of December in a Sett PM titled "O' Tannenbaum - Letter Tiles" to earn 25 shiny Diamonds!


Again, if you tell me the name of the movie in which this is said, you earn a bonus 2 Diamonds.


You have until the end of December to earn your Diamonds. If you respond within a week of this being posted, though, you earn an additional 3 bonus Diamonds:diamond:


Note: I showed Fels the options of making it with 2 letters per tile and 3 letters per tile, and she said to go with the 3 letters per tile. If you feel like it, you may shower her with gratitude!  :lol:  

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