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Hufflepuff Common Room

Week 2 - Cryptogram

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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This is a quote from one of Fels' favorite Christmas movies ....


But to know what it is, you have to solve it first!   :D



You all get to click on the link to see the puzzle; I didn't shrink it down because if I shrink it to 600xwhatever, the numeric values are too small to clearly read.


Solve this Cryptogram and send the solution to me by the end of December in a Sett PM titled "O' Tannenbaum - Cryptogram" to get 25 Diamonds!


If you tell me the name of the person who says this (the name of the character in the movie), you earn a bonus 2 Diamonds.


You have until the end of December to earn your Diamonds. If you respond within a week of this being posted, though, you earn an additional 3 bonus Diamonds:diamond:



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Professor Will Lestrange has sent in the solution, and told me who said it, too.


Who is next?

Lorainia Riverrider sent in the solution and who said it.


Followed by .....


Aurelia West with solution and who said it

Louis Walles with solution and who said it

Harry Walles with solution but he said John McClane said it (no, he got it)


While the time for bonus Diamonds is up, you may still solve this Cryptogram through the end of December.


Emily Spencer with solution and who said it

Elena Galatas with solution and who said it

Kendra Givens with solution and who said it


Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
adding Kendra - Tarma
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  • 3 weeks later...

The solution to this cryptogram is:



(said by the Conductor in The Polar Express)


Diamonds were earned!


Aurelia West - 30
Elena Galatas - 27
Emily Spencer - 27
Harry Walles - 30
Kendra Givens - 27
Lorainia Riverrider - 30
Louis Walles - 30
Professor Will Lestrange - 30

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