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Week 1 - National Lampoon Christmas Jigsaw

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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There are so many movies which celebrate Christmas. We've made some jigsaws from our favorites and will present them weekly for you to solve. 


Our first one features a rather funny movie .... National Lampoon Christmas Vacation!


National Lampoon Christmas Vacation


Solve this National Lampoon Jigsaw Puzzle to earn 25 Diamonds.  Send me your solved puzzle by the end of December in a Sett PM titled "O' Tannenbaum - National Lampoon Jigsaw".


Include the number of pieces of the jigsaw, and your time, in your screencap.  The 3 people with fastest times will be sent some Beans!


You have until the end of December to earn your Diamonds. If you respond within a week of this being posted, though, you earn an additional 3 bonus Diamonds:diamond:

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Fels is first to send in her completed jigsaw, with a time of 32:12


Who is next?


Aurelia West with a time of 9:30


Followed by .....


Emily Spencer with a time of 62:55

Cole Thronheart with a time of 21:57

Louis Walles with a time of 11:28

Professor Tarma Amelia Black with a time of 20:41

Harry Walles with a time of 13:55

Lorainia Riverrider with a time of 36:25

Daria Summers  with a time of 37:18

Elena Galatas with a time of 9:18

Professor Will Lestrange with a time of 18:13

******end of time for bonus Diamonds *******

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
end of time for bonus Diamonds - Tarma
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  • 1 month later...

Diamonds were earned!


28 Diamonds each
Aurelia West
Cole Thronheart
Daria Summers
Elena Galatas
Emily Spencer
Harry Walles
Lorainia Riverrider
Louis Walles
Professor Felicia Hartwick
Professor Tarma Amelia Black
Professor Will Lestrange


The 3 people receiving beans for having the fastest times are:

Elena Galatas (9:18)

Aurelia West (9:30)

Louis Walles (11:28)





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