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Hi everyone and welcome to The Musical Wizards! This is a musical activity, which will always be due on the last day of the month. Each month will focus on a different artist/band, and will consist of 4 tasks worth 25 diamonds each, so you can get up to 100 diamonds each month!


If for accessibility reasons you can't complete any of the activities, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out – we might give you something to research and write up about, but we will come up with an alternative!

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Hans Zimmer - one of the most famous film composer, who is not as much known by his name! It is very possible you have heard his music in a movie, but had no clue who composed it!


Hans was born in Frankfurt (Germany) on 12th September 1957. He started his career in 1970s as a band member. He played keyboards and synthesizers. In 1982, he released his first ever movie soundtrack. The movie was called ‘Moonlight’ and it was a Polish movie directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.

Ever since then, he has composed soundtracks to over 155 movies! Some of them, you have probably watched, are: The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, Dunkirk and many many more!


Research one other movie, which has some soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer! In no less than 40 words, tell me what is the name of the song and why do you like it so much! Is it because of the movie or you just love the sound of it? 


Hans-Zimmer-profile.jpg  photo shows Hans Zimmer posing. 


Post your answer HERE to receive 25 diamonds! This task  is due Friday, 30th April, 11:59pm HOL time.

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Welcome to Task 2 for this month!

As you have found out, Hans has been extremely active throughout his career! Solve the jigsaw below to discover some of his movies, which I have not mentioned previously!




Take a screenshot of your puzzle and post it below(if you prefer, you can send it to me via Sett PM).


This task is worth 25 diamonds, and is due Friday, 30th April, 11:59pm HOL time.





Completed by:

  • Louis Walles! 25 diamonds for you :wub:
  • Prof. Tarma! 25 diamonds for you :goldstar:
  • Mia Fountain! 25 diamonds for you :hol:
  • Aurelia West! 25 diamonds for you:badger:
  • Hannah Lovegood! 25 diamonds for you :diamond:
  • Prof. Felicia Hartwick! 25 diamonds for you :D
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