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Coloring Pages - Easter, April 2014

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It's the time of the year that Easter is celebrated in many places in the world! So I thought I could give you an image related to Easter.


Color this image, upload it to an image hosting site and then post it right here in this thread. You will earn 30 citrines and 3 Graphic Points, since I won't be posting a Creative April activity. It's holidays! You have until the end of the month to share your work! Happy Easter everyone :)





P.S. Tarma, I believe this picture is appropriate, right? :)

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Oh, fun stuff, Violeta!


Yes, my Paint can use the 'fill-with-color' function on it just fine! Just gave the bunny some purple fur (might redo it, though, and make it green or blue, just was trying it out to see if it works). Thank you. :D


Try this one, folks! Violeta fixed the image so that those of us with Paint on our computers can also do it more easily.



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