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Week 1 - Exchange Gift

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Aside from the three weekly activities, we will also have weekly exchange gifts and trivia by the most wonderful Miss Fels. 


For the weekly exchange gifts, you can participate by sending your gift to wilburatsett@gmail.com by December 7, 11:59 PM HOL time. It is best if your gift is unisex or suitable for all. This is because we will be having a random gift picking on December 8, where everyone who submitted their gifts will be picking their random gifts for the week.


But this is no ordinary gift giving. Every week, we will have a theme for the gifts to be given. For this week, the theme for the gift is Can be used in HOL. What are you waiting for? Send your gifts for this week and receive one after. :)

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Less than 3 days to go before the deadline of the first weekly gift exchange. To participate in the gift exchange, send your gifts to wilburatsett@gmail.com on or before December 7, 11:59 PM. Remember that the theme for this week is Can be used in HOL. *nods*


Oh yes, I forgot. You can earn 1 point and 10 diamonds for participating in the weekly exchange of gifts. :thumbz:

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Wilbur received 7 gifts for the first weekly exchange gift with the theme "Can be Used in HOL". Wilbur thanks you for participating. They are listed below with the tags:


Gift A - claimed by Rose Pottermore

Gift B - claimed by Sirius Fudge

Gift C - claimed by Ruby Granger

Gift D - claimed by Mia Fountain

Gift E - claimed by Carrie Warts

Gift F - claimed by February Fortescue

Gift G - claimed by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black


The participants below can claim any of the gifts above by replying here in this thread or sending an email at wilburatsett@gmail.com their gift of choice. This will work on a first come, first served basis. If you pick your own gift or picked a claimed gift (if it happens), Wilbur will try his best to notify you as soon as possible and have you pick other unclaimed gift. Also, I have Miss Eve Roarke to ensure the integrity and honesty of the whole gift exchange process. 




February Fortescue

Carrie Warts

Mia Fountain

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Rose Pottermore

Ruby Granger

Sirius Fudge


1 point and 10 diamonds each to the participants!

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  • Sirius Fudge changed the title to Week 1 - Exchange Gift

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