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Volcanoes of Wonder - Week 3 - Hashi

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The absolute beauty of volcanoes is incredible. To be close to one leads to both awe and wonder.



For direct link, click here .


Solve this Hashi puzzle and earn 25 Diamonds!


Send me your solution in a Sett PM titled Volcanoes of Wonder - Hashi by the end of November to earn your Diamonds.



Are you new to Hashi?

First off, Google "Hashi" for some instructions on what it is and how to play it.

Here is a result of a quick search:

Rules of Hashiwokakero
 * Connect islands (the circles with numbers) with as many bridges as the number in the island.
 * There can be no more than two bridges between two islands.
 * Bridges cannot go across islands or other bridges.
 * The bridges will form a continuous link between all the islands.

Look at the puzzle.

Any '8' numbers have four 2-bridge sets going from them.

All '7' numbers have four bridge sets going from them, 3 with 2 bridges, 1 with 1 bridge.

All '5' or '6' which have their back to a wall (or a blank area) have to have 3 bridge sets going from them.  The bridge sets for the '6' will be of 2 bridges each.

If there is a 3 in a corner, it must have a 2 bridge sets going out from it

A '1' never goes to another '1'.


Do the obvious bridge sets and then look at it to see what changes are made for the remaining numbers.  Do you now have a '5' or a '6' with their back to a wall? 


I had to do this puzzle, to get the answer. Be aware of the rules of Hashi -- no group of numbers may be an island all by themselves.  That will help you to decide where to put bridges.  Also, I suggest marking the 'have to be' bridges with a colour that you keep and keep it, then go from there with a different colour.


Good luck! 


ps - If you get stuck, send me what you have. We'll play with it and see if you can get unstuck!  :reading:


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Professor Will Lestrange provided 'both' solutions to this Hashi puzzle.


He wrote:

There are two solutions again this time!  Both are included in the image below:  

-one solution comes from using all the green lines and all the orange lines

-the other solution comes from using all the green lines and all the yellow lines


--Prof. Will Lestrange


Receiving 25 Diamonds for sending in either (or both) solutions is:

Harry Walles

Louis Walles

Mia Fountain

Professor Will Lestrange

Sirius Fudge

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