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There are many places that we love to go to; places which are dear to our heart. Sometimes they are a place we travel hours to get to, and sometimes they are very much close to us!


Solve this Jigsaw and earn 25 Diamonds!


Send me your picture of the completed jigsaw by the end of November to earn your Diamonds. You earn 3 bonus Diamonds, though, if you send it within a week of me posting this puzzle.


When you get a picture of your completed jigsaw, please be sure to include the time it took and number of pieces in your picture.  I will send Beans to the folks who have the 3 fastest times.



(photograph basis of puzzle provided by Fels)



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Mia Fountain has sent in the completed jigsaw, with a time of 14:06


Who is next?


Amy Darvill with a time of 12:20

Lorainia Riverrider with a time of 17:42

Harry Walles with a time of 9:56

Louis Walles with a time of  12:16     9:23

Silvana Mandeville with a time of 34:08

Carrie Warts with a time of 11:37

Fels with a time of 29:13

Kendra Givens with a time of 11:46

Sirius Fudge with a time of 14:46


*** while you may still send in your picture, and earn Diamonds, the time for bonus Diamonds is up  ***

Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
time for bonus diamonds is up - Tarma
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  • 3 weeks later...

Isn't it lovely? That's a picture Fels took of a favorite place of hers.) Here it is again -



Everyone got 28 Diamonds!

Amy Darvill
Carrie Warts
Harry Walles
Kendra Givens
Lorainia Riverrider
Louis Walles
Mia Fountain
Professor Felicia Hartwick
Silvana Mandeville
Sirius Fudge


Beans are sent to:
Louis Walles
Harry Walles
Carrie Warts




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