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Goodbye to Huffleween for Another Year

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After waiting a year for October to come around again... and Huffleween to start, I'm saddened by how fast those 13 days go by.

I hope everyone who take part in our activities had just as much fun as I did hosting it for you.


I also have to thank my techy partner, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black who helps me get those games developed after I poke her with an idea.


Thank you  to all for participating in   Huffleween 2020     and helping it be so fun and successful.  :thumbz:


These are the people who participated and the number of Diamonds they earned:


Amy Darvill -  145
Amy Smith -  25
Carrie Warts - 345
Emily Spencer -   180
Harry Walles -  405
Lorainia Riverrider - 380
Louis Walles - 405
Mia Fountain -  370
Professor Felicia Hartwick -  170
Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 140
Professor Tarma Amelia Black -  280
Professor Will Lestrange -  335
Raevia Ward -  205
Sirius Fudge - 230


These people participated in 7 or more of the days of Huffleween and earned this award!   Huffleween-2020-award-morticia-40x40.png

Carrie Warts

Harry Walles

Lorainia Riverrider

Louis Walles

Mia Fountain

Professor Tarma Amelia Black

Professor Will Lestrange

Raevia Ward

Sirius Fudge


I hope you enjoyed our games and I hope you join in next year! (put it on your calendar!)


Thanks again.










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