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Day 13 of Huffleween - Jack O'Lanterns

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We've made it through the month, and now here is our last challenge for you. Here are a couple of Jack O'Lantern Jigsaw puzzles. Something quick for you to do so not to take up too much time on the Halloween Day.


I know the day will be a bit different than in years gone by, but whatever you do, be safe and have fun.


And thank  you for playing along these past few days.


Which will you choose to do? You may do both .... 

Jigsaw #1 - Jack O'Lantern will earn you 25 Diamonds.

Jigsaw #2 - Jack O'Lanterns all aglow will earn you 40 Diamonds.



Jack O'Lantern Jigsaw .2

140 pieces



Jack O'Lanterns all aglow

98 rotating pieces


Complete one or both of these Jigsaws, post your picture(s) below (be sure to include the time and Number of pieces in your screencap) by November 2nd and earn your  Diamonds.


  Remember to keep your graphic to 600x600 pixels or less when posting it in here.

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