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Day 12 of Huffleween - A Charlie Brown Poem

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Sorry for the delay.... had to hunt it down... and then took a little nap... it's been a long week


It is now our turn to pay tribute to a pumpkin. Make a 12-line poem for the mighty Halloween symbol that is a pumpkin. Any style of your poem will do. You will earn 30 diamonds if you post your poem in this thread on or before November 2. Enjoy and hail pumpkin! 


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When I thought of the pumpkin
I carved the splendid, smelly sweetheart
What could there be more purely right smart?
The pumpkin laughed
I carved the stupid, silly sweetheart
The pumpkin smiled
I carved the beautiful, beloved beauty
Only this and the pumpkin
I carved the ducky, dearest dearie
And so you came gently buzzing
To warn me about the love
There stood a dearest truelove
I carved the patriotic, precious pumpkin






So I decided to make the pumpkin in some ways a memory of something or someone alive who was always there. It's kind of about the narrator being emotionally connected to the pumpkin, and how he remembers her and the time of his youth when he used to carve pumpkins for Halloween.

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The pumpkin smiles quite cheerily

She knows of things to be

She knows of magic strong and true

And sights quite strange to see


First there is all hallows eve

When the veils 'tween worlds is thin

And then there is the full moon

You know what happens then.


To top it off perchance it is

A blue moon which is quite rare

Add all those together and what do you have?

Some things at which you might stare.


The pumpkin smiles quite cheerily ....


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Ode to Pumpkin


Unique shape,

Unique style

Not from here,

Not from around.


Special color,

Special stripes.

Carve it here

Carve it all around.


Very American,

Very traditional

We all dress up

We all play around


When you see it you know

When you see it on the floor

Halloween is here

Cuz the Pumpkin's around.


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My love for pumpkin is so great,
my heart melts for it 'til the dusk of day.
The night smiles when it's away,
carved, loved 'til day's dawn.

Its beauty is great,
Wondering mind 'til it sees,
being is all I do,
While waiting for the moment, for it to say "I do."


Halloween pumpkin
A dark, pleasant orange smile
the mysterious love fruit

My love for pumpkin is so great.

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