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Plants of Wonder - Week 4 - Haiku

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For the past three weeks, we filled the Sett with focus and appreciation for these plants of wonder. For this last week, we shall elevate this bond by giving them a tribute. Make a haiku related to these wonderful creations and earn 25 diamonds. To know more about haiku, click here. For this exercise, three sets or 9 lines will do. *nods* You have until October 31 to post your haiku in this thread. 

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The sunflower looks 

up the sun looks back down

the sun then goes off


The flower cries

when night time shows up

they fall in deep sleep


The sunflower rise

with the sun in sight today

together they dance



(the 5-7-5 thing is quite hard! :O)


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I think about the
childhood tree and pure green leaves
the smell in my deep memories 


The summer breeze that came
with the warm summer wind
and the smell of youth


In my dreams I am
coming back to the days when
things were simple, youth



I tried lol

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