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Closing Remarks for From the Highlands to Forks

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From The Highlands to Forks





As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end", and sadly we had to say goodbye to our July event, From the Highlands to Forks. We were glad to see that many folks took part in the fun during the month of July and spent a little of their summer with us.


But I know what those folks are looking for now... to see how many shiny Diamonds they earned. So without delay (ok some delay seeing that I just came back from my vacation) here is the From the Highlands to Forks Diamond count.


Adaleine Shuster -  6
Amy Darvill -   223
Amy Smith -   327 
Carrie Warts - 391
Charlie Spencer -  278
Emily Spencer -  276
February Fortescue -   331
Harry Walles -   339
Isal Vestal -   104
Jackdaw O'Reilly - 240
Kendra Givens -  284
Lorainia Riverrider -  362
Louis Walles -  342
Mia Fountain -   349
Polaris Black -   104

Prof. Felicia Hartwick -  122
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 150

Qisthy Xavier -   66
Sindor Aloyarc -  59
Will Lestrange -  391


Your Diamonds will be put into your folder soon.


On to our Award.    July-2020-From-the-Highlands-to-Forks-Aw



If you participated in at least half of the activities presented (ie- at least half of the trivia and half of the forum activities), you will earn a nice Award to add to your treasures. Those people are, and we had quite a few:


Amy Darvill

 Amy Smith

Carrie Warts 

Emily Spencer

Harry Walles

Lorainia Riverriver

 Mia Fountain 

Will Lestrange


Again, Tarma and I would like to thank everyone who participated and to remind you to continue to wander around the Sett. There may not be a month long activity to keep you entertained, but we sure do have a lot of other fun and games for you.


Fels and Tarma



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