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Summer (or Winter) Solstice today!

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Today has the longest, or shortest (depending on where you live), hours of daylight!


It's always sort of amazing to me to have nights of very short duration and a 'day' of it being light out from about 4 am to 10 pm.


I just checked my sunrise and sunset times for my area:

5:11 am (sunrise) – 9:10 pm (sunset)
15 hours, 59 minutes  - that the sun is up


What's the times of your sunrise and sunset in your area?  (Do not say where you live, just the times ...) You can use this to find out that information - click




Another note!

Tomorrow, June 21st, has a solar eclipse!


If you watch, be SURE to use eye protection.



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The sunrise was at 5:46 this morning and the sunset is at 9:06. So, 15 hours and 20 minutes of sunlight 

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My ray of sunshine (the youngest daughter) informed us... "Today is the longest day of Summer. You know that means the days are getting shorts now... less sun." 


I was like, "Can we just enjoy the sun and heat while we have it."


Though that does mean we're getting closer to Fall... and Halloween! My favorite holiday!

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