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I want to thank everyone who participated in my May activity – Together in Celebration. It was challenging at times to put together activities that fit what I was trying to represent.

Things are constantly changing in our world and I feel we need to remember what is important to us, the values and people who matter. We need to remember and celebrate those people who matter, those who left an impression on us even if they were in our lives for only a moment!


I want to give special thanks to,


Prof. Rorey Padfoot – for setting the stage with what I needed to do the job, mentoring and offering support when requested but allowing me to do my own thing!


Prof. Tarma Amelia Black – for mentoring and supporting me for a long time prior to this activity. For being my wall in which to bounce things off when I needed one. Encouraging me to own it and do my own thing even when we didn’t agree.


To the most important people without whom this whole thing would have been a flop!   

Here are the people who participated along with the number of Diamonds they have earned!

Thank you for participating!!!! :wub:


Albus Togglebog - 25

Amy Darvill - 20

Amy Smith - 70

Emily Spencer - 165

February Fortescue* - 220

Lorainia Riverrider - 190

Mia Fountain* - 220

Maisie Crown - 25

Prof. Felicia Hartwick - 30

Prof. Rorey Padfoot - 55

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black* - 220

Will Lestrange * - 220


*Extra thanks for participating in every item during this activity!!


I appreciate you all!!


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*tends to bruises acquired from being bounced off of* :lol:


Thank you Eve, for having this!  :reading:


It was great to have prompts to remember being grateful and the things you presented were fun.  :)



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Thank you for the activity, it was interesting to read people's answers to the discussions.

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