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Hufflepuff Common Room
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Thank You for Joining Us

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Thank you for joining us for Mandala Magic. Eve and I had a great deal of fun coming up with different Mandalas for people to colour.


Lots of Diamonds were earned!

Adaleine Shuster - 99
Emily Spencer - 264
February Fortescue  - 264
Iverian Gnash - 33
Lorainia Riverrider -  33
Maxim Trevelyan  - 66
Mia Fountain  - 264
Mya Abititeux - 60
Nicole Lang - 33
Polaris Black - 195  
Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 63
Professor Tarma Amelia Black  - 264
Will Lestrange - 66






Emily,  February, Mia and Tarma all coloured in every Mandala which was offered!  :high5:

I have sent Beans to Emily, February and Mia -- for doing all of them.  :reading:


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