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Craft - Changing of the Leaves

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One of my favorite things about the Fall is the changing of the leaves and colors of all the different trees.  For this month's craft we want to see you create a leave wreath.  You will have until November 30th 11:59pm HOL time to post a picture of your craft here in this thread.  Completely this craft will earn you 20 diamonds.


What you'll need:


Glue (regular Elmer's school glue will be fine)

One paper plate (with the middle cut out)

Lots of leaves collected from your yard or area (I recommend lots of different colors)




Once you have gathered your leaves  and have cut the middle out of your paper plate.


Glue the leaves on the remaining ring of the paper plate and let dry.


Take a picture of your wreath (make sure you add a small piece of paper with your HOL Name to the picture)


Post the picture here in this thread!  Fell free to post if you have questions!


Picture for an example:



I do not own this picture!






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