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I thought I'd start a post here for those who like to be crafty and more so, Hogwarts [Harry Potter] crafty. I just love doing that kind of thing.


Also, let's remember to follow HOL guidelines to images. Family friendly, 600 pixels by 600 pixels to show your image in this thread. Or create a link so we can view your work. It can be crafty, art, or graphic, so long as it is your creation. Still figuring out the diamonds part. I think it's only nice to at least get some diamonds for sharing...


Thought I'd share a notebook I did the other day. I used a muggle notebook. One of those composition notebooks. At home I found some images on my computer and printed out the Hufflepuff cover for the front and back on white card-stock. I even printed out 'parchment' paper on card-stock to cover over the inside front and back covers. To hide the printed details that were on the notebook.


Here is how the finished notebook turned out:



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Adding in some rules and guidelines
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