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This month in the Creative Club we will be introducing a new theme, that we hope continues monthly, a craft project.  Each month we will post an idea and wait to see what you create.  Examples posted are just that, examples. feel free to find your own and create your own craft, but just make sure to stay true to the theme. 


This month's theme is: Love Bugs


Project due: February 28th 11:59pm HOL time


Worth: 25 diamonds


Create a love bug while using any craft supplies you can find around your house.  This should be something your create yourself, not on a computer or digitally. You will need to take a picture of your craft and include a slip of paper that has your HOL name next to your project (so we know it's yours).  Upload the picture to an image-hosting sight and post your creation in this thread.


Example #1



Example #2



Example #3


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