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May Flowers Diamonds and Awards

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#1 Prof. Felicia Hartwick


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Posted 06 June 2018 - 02:01 AM

Hi Everyone


Tarma and I have really had fun hosting our May Flowers for everyone to come and enjoy. Thank you for being here in the Sett and playing with us!   :high5:


We're happy to announce that many Diamonds were earned!   :diamond:   :diamond:


Anna Snape - 118
Arianna Stonewater - 149
Aurelia West -  28
Kaitlyn Nightingale -  28
Kendra Givens - 50
Maxim Trevelyan - 278
Pezzie Wolf  - 15
Polaris Black - 73
Professor Felicia Hartwick - 136 **

Prof. Gustavo Flores  - 82
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis -  75
Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 124
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 108

Shadow Gaunt - 142
Shiloh Adlar - 253
Siobhan Sullivan -  204
Will Lestrange -  212


Whether you earned 2 Diamonds or 200, that's more Diamonds for your stash and well done!


Awards were also earned! Following are the Awards offered for participating in May Flowers and who received them --  



 May_Flowers_-_for_awards_-_orchid_40x40.  Huff's Orchid


Maxim Trevelyan
Professor Gustavo Flores  
Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
Shiloh Adlar
Will Lestrange


 May_Flowers_-_for_awards_-_daffodil_40x4 Huff's Daffodil 


Anna Snape
Siobhan Sullivan


 May_Flowers_-_for_awards_-_daisy_1_40x40  Huff's Daisy 


Arianna Stonewater
Kendra Givens
Polaris Black

Shadow Gaunt



<<<<Tarma  wedges in a comment  ...  I particularly want to thank Fels for coming up with really interesting trivia questions for a whole month, day after day.  :wub:  I'm impressed! And you all can thank her for doing it because I was thinking more along the lines of names in Latin and ... other stuff. Hers was a LOT better!  :D  >>>>


Back to our regularly scheduled Wrap-Up post ...


Your Awards will be showing up in your HOL Profiles soon. Again, thank you all for participating and we hope you enjoyed May Flowers!






** Note: Tarma gave Fels half of her trivia Diamonds in extreme gratitude for not having to do any of it herself.   :wub:


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#2 Prof. Gustavo Flores


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Posted 07 June 2018 - 10:17 PM

Yay!!! Thank you so much for my award! And thanks for hosting this activity! I enjoyed it quite a lot, and the triva was simply amazing! I loved learning so many flowery facts!

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