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Welcome to the Graphics Club! 2017/2018

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Hello Badgers! Welcome to yet another year at the Sett with the Graphics Club!


Along with you on your creative journey this year you have me, Professor Rachel Selenia. I will offer a couple of activites every month. Each activity will give you the chance to win Diamonds and Graphic Points.


Most of you will be familiar with Diamonds, the Hufflepuff currency which you can earn for participating in activities around The Sett.

Graphic Points are the local currency within the Hufflepuff Graphics Club. Earn enough Graphic Points and you will climb the ranks! At the end of the school year you may show your title using a line of your signature (remember: your signature may consist of a picture and up to four lines of text).


The ranks are as follows:

1st rank: Baby Artist

2nd rank: Junior Artist (5 Graphic Points)

3rd rank: Senior Artist (10 Graphic Points)

4th rank: Advanced Artist (15 Graphic Points)

5th rank: Professional Artist (20 Graphic Points)

6th rank: Junior DaVinci (25 Graphic Points)

7th rank: Leonardo DaVinci (30 Graphic Points)


Feel free to show off your work that you create independantly from challenges anytime you like in this thread!

If you have any questions about the Club or generally about graphics, go to this thread.


I hope that we will have a fun and creative year together!

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