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It's May! May at Hogwarts means spring, warmer air, flowers, doing your homework by the Lake...and exam revision time. As I know that you are good students, I'm curious to see your creative exam revision schedules for your HOL classes;)  What I want to see is handmade schedules - use whatever you can find at home: pens, pencils, cardboard papers, scrapbooking materials, you name it; and experiment with different shapes and symbols and fun notes, etc, etc. You will need to use your imagination as well when it comes to what goes into the schedule. Using the list of classes here on HOL that you are studying this term (or the ones you'd like to study if you aren't signed up for any), think about what you would need to study in each class to prepare for its exam, and put that into the revision schedule.


Take a photo of your handmade revision schedule (remember not to include anything that gives away your identity), upload it to an image hosting website like Photobucket, and post the photo in this topic.


For completing this challenge, you'll earn yourself 20 Diamonds and 2 Graphic Points. You have until May 31 June 30th!


Have fun!

Edited by Prof. Rachel Selenia
Edited for clarity and deadline extension
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