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  1. We have a small but dynamic family. My husband and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, and have been sweethearts since High School. I know that sounds so movie cliche', but it's the truth! We have a beautiful 8 year old daughter, who is the light of our lives. For those of you who watch Dr. Who, you will catch the reference-she really is my 'impossible girl'. I wasn't sure I could have children, and yet here she is My teenage nephew lives with us, and is definitely a valued member of the household. We are a busy lot, so we don't stand much on ceremony or tradition, but at least 1 day a week we try to have a family meal and actually sit at the table like civilized folk lol. Seriously, though, I wouldn't trade my crazy bunch for the world..most days.
  2. My mom taught me many things, some practical and some more character building. From her, I learned the joy of cooking, both as a means to feed people and more importantly perhaps, as a way of showing love. She taught me the value of a good book, and I have traveled through many times and worlds through them. She taught me to be an independent woman, confident in her own abilities. My mom overcame many hurdles in her lifetime and through her, I learned the art of doing the same. Thank you, Mom!
  3. I'm Irish by blood, so here's a bit of history about May Day in Ireland. It's been around since the times when Druids walked the Earth freely. Back then, it was known as Lá Bealtaine, though nowadays it goes by the more modern name of Labour Day. Now we Irish are nothing if not superstitious, so on the eve of the holiday, yellow flowers (such as buttercups, marigolds, and primroses) were traditionally gathered and placed outside of one's residence for good luck. It is believed that the yellow flowers also acted as a charm against the Cailleachs, rather nasty old hags who entered the home on La' Bealtaine Eve for the sole purpose of stealing the household's butter and milk. Another tradition celebrated the night before the holiday itself is the lighting of bonfires to ensure a fertile year for land and crops. The holiday was also considered something of an Irish Valentine's Day, viewed as the day when a man could officially begin courting a woman. How's that for celebration?! One ancient tradition that continues on to this day is the practice of visiting holy wells, leaving personal items as a token of respect. One would walk backwards around the well while praying for good health. Doon Well in County Donegal is a very popular spot, so if ever you're in the area around Labour Day, please stop by and join in the festivities.
  4. Vector, Septima (Hogwart's Arithmancy Professor)
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