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  1. Ever since I was first introduced to it, Doctor Who has always played an important part in my life. And though I did not start out with Matt Smith's incarnation of the Doctor (namely the 11th), I would daresay that he is my favorite one thus far. Quirky enough to make me laugh, yet serious enough to hold my interest, the good Doctor became my 'go to' when I was down. No matter how bad my day got or how upset I may have been, watching Doctor Who has always made me feel better. I know it may sound silly to say about a television show, but in a lot of ways, it's pseudo-therapy as much as ente
  2. That's an easy one! The one that is special to me is Tell me now (what you see) from the 2004 movie, King Arthur. I am a diehard Arthurian fan, so the movie was already high on my list of 'loves', but that particular score was haunting, beautiful, and actually had me tear up a bit. Sung by Moya Brennan, Zimmer's score was breathtaking. It enriched the mood of the movie (as did all of his songs for that movie) and really made you feel as if you could see into the heart of the characters.
  3. Enjoying time with family Making meals Inventing new recipes Learning new things Youngsters (love my daughter!)
  4. My quiz results indicate that I cannot live without love. According to the quiz, in order to feel complete, I need not only receive love, but actively give it as well. I must confess, I usually do not put stock into online quizzes, but this one seems pretty accurate, surpringly enough. My family is my everything. Although my job entails long, often sporadic hours, I treausre each and every moment that I get to spend with my husband and daughter. At present, we are a a unit of three, as both of our extended families live in other states. I do make it a point to talk to my mom daily, howev
  5. For me, it has to be Potions. I love Muggle Chemistry, so I imagine that I would like potions equally as well.
  6. I cannot help myself! Dad watched Star Wars with you and not me?!! My heart is crushed *sniffle* The first movie I remember is Snow White. I must have been about 4 or 5 at the time, and I watched it with my mom. She always had a thing for Disney princesses, and she passed that love on to me, which I, in turn, am passing on to my own daughter. I'm not the biggest Disney fan, actually, except when it comes to the princesses. It also started my love affair with fairy tales, so thank you, Mom!!
  7. I am a rather ecclectic sort, so it is hard for me to narrow down a specific genre that I would dub 'favorite', because it honestly depends on the day. I will say that, as a rule, I do not veer toward comedy or romance very often at all. If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said that my favorite genre was horror, but that is no longer true actually. Mind you, I still will venture into the 'horror zone' every now and then, but not nearly as often as I once did. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite genre it would be historical/period dramas (dramas in
  8. Heads up, folks! I've been wrangling with this thing for far too long now and discovered that one of the letters in the cryptogram is actually the same as the letter it represents. How's that for being tricky, Prof. Tarma?!!! I dub thee 'Queen Loki' for the duration of this activity lol. But seriously, thank you, Tarma, for allowing me to post the hint here. Hope it helps, guys!!
  9. As a rule, I almost always prefer the book to the movie. To me, the written world allows for much richer and in-depth characterization. I enjoy letting my imagination run wild and painting my own pictures of how I perceive characters/settings to look and feel. All in all, it is a much better sensory experience. However, as with any rule, there is always an exception. For example, I much preferred the movie version of Princess Bride to the book. Inherently I do not normally gear toward satire of comedy when I read. The plot of Princess Bride is nonsensical and comedic, and the
  10. The last movie I watched was with my sister during one of our rare times of having the day off together. It was entitled We Have Always Lived in the Castle, a rather captivating mystery thriller. It's based on the book by Shirley Jackson, whose writing I adore, so I was quite certain I would not be disappointed. Thankfully, I was proven right. The movie's premise is somewhat of a cliche', an almost gothic take on Lizzie Borden. The two sisters are shunned by the village who believes that the eldest was responsible for poisoning her whole family, save for the younger sister who h
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