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  1. If not for the people working at grocery stores right now, we would have a much harder time trying to get by in these past few months. Regardless of where you are in the world, the grocery stores are likely to be one of the few businesses that have been consistently open throughout these months even as nearly everything else around has had to shut down. Grocery store employees have been placing themselves on the front lines to make it easier for us to get the supplies we need to stay at home. This involves the risks of spending significant amounts of time in a crowded environment where large numbers of people pass through each day (even as they do what they can to mitigate these risks). After all, we need to get food somewhere in order to eat - and this is what these stores have always been providing for us (along with plenty of other essentials, such as cleaning supplies and stationery, depending on the store!)
  2. [OUT OF CHARACTER] My immediate family is fairly small, and geographically diverse. My younger brother has lived in California since he was eighteen; meanwhile, I've moved all over the places, spanning ten time zones between southern California at one end and Finland at the other end before finally settling in Virginia, where I have lived for the past five years or so. Meanwhile, my parents have lived in the same address in Maryland since 1993. Being one state away from my parents feels like the right distance: close enough to make visits possible but enough separation that we're not in each other's faces all the time. (By contrast, the year before I moved to Virginia I lived in Maryland - within walking distance of where one of my parents worked - and I felt like I needed more space. The year before that I lived in England - and felt too far removed from friends and family back in the US). But it would be nice to live nearer to my brother - even if I'm far from a fan of the part of California where he lives!
  3. [OUT OF CHARACTER: in character the birthday doesn't work] The year I was born, Mother's Day fell on May 13 - and I was born the day before that on May 12. Because I was the firstborn child in my family, my mom would always say that my birthday was timed perfectly: it was just in time to make her a mother for all of Mother's Day that year! As the dates of Sundays jumped around from year to year, Mother's Day would jump along with the calendar around my birthday - never being more than four days away from my birthday in either direction (and every once in a while, like last year, the two will coincide)... and so, my birthday - which made my mom a mother - will always be paired with Mother's Day to her! Meanwhile, even though it will be impossible to celebrate in person this year - I will definitely be thinking of everything she has done for me and everything she has accomplished over the years...
  4. I have never really celebrated May Day, but where I live it is most commonly associated with workers' rights. Looking into the history of that particular celebration makes me glad I'm a pureblood wizard and not living in the Muggle world. Basically: without the help of magic, Muggles used to work ridiculously long hours to earn a living - something like eighty to one hundred hours a week was not uncommon! Worse, that was usually paired with having to do laborious work around the house to do the basic tasks that we normally do quickly with magic or the help of House-Elves. Fortunately for Muggles, the past century has seen significant technological developments that mean that Muggles no longer need to invest as much of themselves to get relatively basic tasks done. And my understanding of May Day is that it reminds Muggles of times when things weren't as good as they are now... [153 words - and this was really hard!]
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