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  1. All of my family and friends Understanding the world around me Relaying my perspective through choreography Engaging conversation Learning new things from all kinds of people Introspection Art of all kinds
  2. My quiz results indicated that I cannot live without reassurance. It was implied that this was due to my own lack of confidence in myself. Though reassurance is always nice, it's not necessarily something I would say I need. I also found some of the quiz questions kind of strange and was unsure how they would be used to determine something of such importance to me. I did like the article though. On top of the six things it mentions, I think something else I wouldn't want to live without would be warmth. It kind of falls under shelter a bit since out shelter does prevent us from freezing, but m
  3. I admittedly don't watch movies too often, but when I do I particularly like stories that are character-driven. While I also always appreciate good world-building, if I can't find something to like in the characters, or if they don't do anything I find interesting, I'm much less likely to make it through the whole film. I tend to go towards sci-fi/fantasy but I've been enjoying drama lately as well. Like Emily, I don't really do much romance or comedy on my own, but lately my partner has been showing my more and more comedies that he enjoys. I've watched a few documentaries and am starting to
  4. Happy Birthday, Eve! I hope your day is fantastic!
  5. Thank you both for such fun! I loved learning more about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and tackling all the puzzles
  6. I don't watch too many movies on my own, but tend to watch them in the company of others. Most recently, I visited my family and we watched a couple of the James Bond films. I will admit to not having seen any before, so I mainly ended up watching it because my mom had it on. I suppose I enjoyed it well enough, but I feel like I was mostly enjoying that I would now understand some of the references to it in other media or in conversation. I do enjoy watching all kinds of movies when the occasion arises however, since I really enjoy seeing how the cinematography enhances the storytelling aspect
  7. I'd love to submit a couple poems as well as an article about why I'd love to live in the Burrow/why it is such a homey place.
  8. Congratulations Amy and Harry! You’ll be great!
  9. I definitely enjoy all bodies of water, but some of my best childhood memories with water have taken place at the ocean. I live in a pretty landlocked area and also did when I was growing up, but my aunt lived out by the coast and I remember visiting her and going to the ocean to be tons of fun. I also visited Costa Rica when I was a teenager and had a ball exploring the ocean there too. Now though, the most interaction I get with bodies of water are on road trips when we cross rivers and ooh and aah over them as we pass. They've always been the most memorable landmarks to me when
  10. Hello Friar! It's good to finally meet you! Having fun is super important and I'm so glad there's so much fun that fills these halls. You're right, 2021 is indeed just another set of numbers, but I can't help but still be filled with a sense of excitement. I'm actually kind of pumped to get to work on my OWLs and learn as much as I can and I'm really looking forward to all the classes that will be offered next term. I have a few ideas for a class I'd like to put together but I haven't had the time to do so yet. Maybe I'll get around to it for next school year! 10 diamonds to Aure!
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