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  1. Oh, dears! You all are wonderful! Doing homework is good but enjoying doing them is better! Don't worry Asky, you just have to set the time for homework in advance. Sometimes, it works out. Sometimes, it is just hard. I remember having being busy with some of my friends because of some deadline the next day. Oh, those were fun times! What matters is you enjoy them. Yes Marianne, I had some friends. I vaguely remember them now but your name sounds familiar. I am thinking I may had a friend named like yours. We just have to make the best out of any thing or experience given to us. Like what you
  2. Oh, hello there, Mia! Welcome to the Sett! It is my first time talking to you. Ahh, yes, we ghosts tend to be silent and isolated, trapped in this empty and hollowness. So I for one would like to thank you, the living, for being noisy and fun. It is what you do that makes us happy. We mark the celebrations by laughing with you, like this recently-concluded HOLidays. Speaking of party, that was a blast. I would like to thank everyone for helping Wilbur out in organizing it. That was fun, indeed! Tarma and Sirius, yes. Having fun is what's most important. Oh, it's 2021 already. Just
  3. Oh dears, is this something about movies, like those used by Muggles? I've heard about it from the gossips of the maidens in the third floor painting by the Charms Corridor. Ohhh, that must have been fun! Yeah, so you collect diamonds now? I remembered when the house still collects socks, and then shifted to citrines, and now the shiny diamonds! I would like to have some of them, too. But they are too shiny for my liking. *shyly smiles* I miss Huffleween! Ohh, two new ickles here in the Fireside! One a Hufflepuff and the other a Slytherin! Welcome to Hufflepuff! You may not notice
  4. Oh, Tarma, Fels, dears. You two don't need to do classes anymore. But of course, us Hufflepuffs love some work, work, and more work. Blame Helga for this, hehe. But no worries, we have industrious students here and outside Hufflepuff. I love seeing them in the libraries, working until late nights. It reminds me when I was the one studying there. Anyway, enough of classes. I've heard that Huffleween is coming to an end. I missed it again this time. *sighs* I love that part of the year when I was still a student. So, tell me about it. What happened in Huffleween? Or better yet, tell
  5. Where are our ickles? Oh, there you are. Great to see you! Welcome to Hufflepuff! 

    1. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

      Fat Friar! There you are! I wondered where you had disappeared to but now you are BACK!  <3

  6. How are you, my dears? Especially my dear ickle first years. It's great to see you, each one of you. How are you doing? Are you enjoying the classes? Oh, I remember when I was still taking classes. It seemed like a very long time ago. I remember so little now. I like taking Charms - the spells. I miss my wand. Where did I left it? Maybe Nick has it, will ask him later. Where was I? Yeah, Charms. We would spend the night practicing the spells here in this spot in the Fireside. Oh, good old times. All I can say is, enjoy it while it lasts. I hope to hear more from you.
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