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  1. That is pretty cool to think about. I knew the history of the firework as I've study Ancient China in my Ancient History class back in primary school. My little sisters will get to do it next year actually. It's a fun unit! I think the history of the firework is fascinating as well as the history of many traditions that people often do but have little knowledge of the history of. But you are right about fireworks affecting so many different types of people and even plants. I remember reading about that somewhere during Biology or maybe one of the science articles I have to read for school. I think if people in general were more respectful and actually used fireworks safely and respectfully, it would be easier to enjoy them. But when they happen at such random times and even into the middle of the night like 1 or 2 in the morning, the sensation of dread every time a time of year comes around where fireworks typically occur is very high. If I'm prepared for them, can actually see them and know they're going to go off at set times, it's one thing, but another completely when it's 100% random and not done by professionals and not done in safe areas like around a lot of trees. It's a fire waiting to happen.
  2. Task 1: Let's Get Loud is a fun song and even more fun to dance to! The song was on her debut studio album back in 1999. Task 2: She used to be a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block back in 1991 and Janet Jackson. Apparently she even cancelled going on tour with Janet Jackson because she wanted to "do her own thing."
  3. I'm from the United States, so we have Independence Day here. I actually very much dislike Independence Day as does my mom. Around here, even though they are illegal in our area except by professionals, people light fireworks. This is the part that I hate and that my mom hates. The sounds are loud and can cause me to have panic attacks. They are also really horrible for animals as it creates terrible fear and anxiety for them. We can often hear dogs barking because they're scared, and it also makes my youngest sister cry. She just turned four. The only part that we do like about this day in our city is that we have a very large parade. We will go out to that and participate in some activities they have at the library, mostly for my little sisters. However, we don't participate in the annual fireworks show, and we stay home. Mom will put on some relaxing sounds to have in the background for my little sisters, and I usually will put on my headphones and listen to classical music while gaming to block out the noise. Other than the parade, because we don't celebrate holidays, we don't do much else. Sometimes a friend of my mom's will invite us for a cookout and we'll go, but she didn't have one this year.
  4. No, but I do follow NASA on Tumblr and some space science pages on FaceBook.
  5. I realized that I had not introduced myself here yet. My name is Aura. I'm a first year Ravenclaw and only recently joined this site, but I love it already! I'm 15 years old, really like astrophysics and math, and one day want to be an astrophysicist in the muggle world. Perhaps working for something they call NASA. I love reading, when it's not for school. I've also been homeschooled my entire life, that's a form of muggle schooling that is done at home, and despite all the extracurriculars I do in the community like ballet, Girl Scouts, library teen leadership, and my job, I'm still a bit socially awkward, but really want to make new friends! I have four little sisters, that I sometimes love and sometimes makes me wish there were only two of us. My oldest little sister and I are really close. I love gaming as well, specifically something called MMORPG, but also trading card games. I can't wait for the fall to start so I can see what taking classes on here will be like!
  6. I have no idea who my father is, nor do I care, and I also don't have any significant people in my life that I could consider a father figure. But my second to youngest little sister's dad was really great. He was military though and died overseas, so he's not around anymore. However, I remember that he would always look after my mom and didn't care that she already had three children, and he was really nice to us. I remember when we had this dad/daughter thing at my dance studio where we could invite our dad to class for a night so a few did, but I never had. He offered to go with me, and he even wore a tutu, which was hilarious. Actually, he wasn't too bad. I still laugh thinking about it. My little sister doesn't remember him because she was only a year old, but she would have really loved him.
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