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  1. Hi!

    I would like: Fish and Chips from The Three Broomsticks Menu, Butterbeer Fudge from Honeydukes, and Cookies n' Cauldron cakes flavoured Wizards Ice Cream from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

    Thank you :lol:


    Adeline Morior of Team Tasty Tidbits traded 30 raid points for Fish and Chips, Butterbeer Fudge, and Cookies n' Cauldron Cakes Flavoured Wizards Ice Cream.

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  2. 1.

    I have heard of the trojan horse through many mediums. Namely, having a passion for history and mythology, I read about it in greek literature, I read about it in fiction literature based on greek mythology. I have seen countless movies on Greek themes, but the one I found most fun was in Greek video games such as Age of Mythology. In the game you need to create a trojan to infiltrate the gates of Troy. I found it to be interesting and brilliant at the same time.


    I think it was a story that grew with the telling of it. People underestimate how observant and smart we as the human species can be. I personally think that with the transport of the horse, it would have been hard not  to make a sound or to give oneself away unless you are fewer in number. If this was the case then I would suggest one maybe two people in there. Legends and making a name for yourself have been an important part of heroes and history. It would not be strange for the story to have grown out of the means of reality.


    I would probably build it in the same manner one would build a ship (not todays ships, more of the 18th century wooden type.) The thing about the trojan is, it needs to give way for the person(s) inside to breathe but not have so many gaps and places to see through that it would give you away. Wood carving has truly expanded with the tools we have at our disposal today and Artisans have made the most amazing products. I would make sure that the carving is so intricate and complexly beautiful, that one would not want to see inside of fear of damaging it. Perfect for hiding in then.

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  3. My friend who have been riding her whole life, once wanted to give me a riding lesson. She had to get an old white horse because the other horses weren't as friendly and only allowed their owners on their backs. Now this guy was not having it. She told me to nudge him by bumping my feet to his side. I was so scared to hurt him. He knew this and took full advantage of it by just ignoring me and going wherever he pleased. She told me to be sterner and I couldn't be, so I just ended up siting on his back letting him take me wherever he wanted to go. Funniest moment of my life regarding horses. :poke: :lol: I never owned my own but I loved how witty they can be. They are really beautiful and intelligent creatures. 

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  4. “A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger then a man on foot.”

    John Steinbeck


    This is a quote that truly resonates with me. First and foremost, the bond a person can have with an animal is truly a deep one. With a horse it is even more so as both horse and rider depend on each other to move and make it work. The way you can connect with your horse and understand body language is at a deeper level. This is one of the reasons it is so spiritual. A man alone must do things alone, but a man with a companion to rely on, move with and speak to is a better one for the company. Secondly, a horse is such a big, intelligent and strong animal. How beautiful it represents nature and freedom. To go riding, to move wherever at a calm, slow meditative speed or a fast and flying type speed. Doesn’t matter. Horses and humans can enjoy freedom together.

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